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Looking for a cabinet Painting Company in Fayetteville NC experts? Are you considering repainting your kitchen cabinets? If so, you have come to the right place!

Wondering what the cost for cabinet painting Fayetteville NC is? We are here to answer that too. Kitchen cabinets receive a lot of use, and understandably so. They do exist in the most important room in the house, after all.

After years of door slamming, bacon grease buildup, and crayon markings, it may be time to have them refinished and repainted. However, even if you’re kitchen cabinets are intact and in good shape, you may just want to replace the current color with a new look!

Perhaps you have a dark mahogany color, and you would like to switch to white cabinets? Whatever your needs are, we are here to help you. We have years of cabinet refinishing and painting experience, and can tackle any job you have for us.

Painters In NC is a local painting company that specializes in interior painting, exterior painting, and power washing. Cabinet painting is also one of our specialties!

cabinet painting fayetteville nc

Why Choose Painters In NC?

At Painters In NC, we firmly believe in providing the best services possible.

Licensed and insured cabinet painting fayetteville nc

LIcensed and Insured

We understand the risk you take by hiring someone to work inside your home. That’s why we maintain all of the necessary licenses and insurance policies – to give you peace of mind.

locally owned cabinet painting fayetteville nc

Locally Owned

Unlike the national corporations, we are a local business. We have been serving the Fayetteville area for several years now.

high quality cabinet painting fayetteville nc

High quality

You are investing your money and energy into this project, so we understand that you have high expectations! Our philosophy is to provide the best experience possible!

on time cabinet painting fayetteville nc

On-time everytime

We know that it’s important to get your painting project completed as soon as possible. That’s why we make sure to show up on time to get the work done in an efficient manner.

affordable cabinet painting fayetteville nc


You will not find a better price to match the high quality services we provide!

highest rated cabinet painting fayetteville nc

Highest rated

We have completed many painting projects over the years. With those jobs, we have gained an expert level understanding, and we have also gained many loyal customers.

Our cabinet painting refinishing and process includes the following steps:


your Initial consultation

After you schedule your free estimate, we will come to your home to evaluate your needs. We will consult you on the project details including the total cost, how long it will take to complete, the steps for completing the project, and the best paint selection.

Remove doors and clean the surfaces

Remove doors and clean the surfaces

 Once your project is scheduled, and we begin working, the first step is to remove the cabinet doors, and clean the surfaces.

Protect the rest of the kitchen

Protect the rest of the kitchen

After the doors and drawers are removed, and the surfaces have been cleaned, we put down drop cloths and hang plastic film to protect the flooring, appliances, and countertops from being covered with paint.

Strip and refinish the wood

Strip and refinish the wood

Once the surfaces have been properly cleaned and the other areas protected, we being the process of striping and refinishing the wood. This is the point where our expertise is important. It takes knowledge of the wood type and what type of finish is already on the wood in order to strip and refinish them properly. Additionally, we generally complete this step in the garage or, weather permitting, right outside the garage.

Sanding, Priming, and painting

Sanding, Priming, and painting

Almost there! During this step, we work to fix any imperfections in the wood. We then sand down the wood and apply a primer, and finish it off with the paint that was selected during the consultation.

Reattach the cabinet door and drawers

Reattach the cabinet door and drawers

You can see the transformation is almost complete. After the paint dries, the door and drawers are put back on, usually with new hinges and handles.

Cleanup and Inspection

Cleanup and Inspection

The very last step is the clean up. With your new kitchen transformation, we want to make sure you get the most out of your experience by leaving the kitchen clean and mess-free! Not only are we geat cabinet painters, but we are great cleaners, too!

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